Cereal Bites

Are there moments throughout your day when you are feeling drained of energy and are in need of a quick energy boost?
Our wonderful cereal bites are exactly what you need. They are healthy, nutritious, sweet enough and are quite filling. They are the perfect solution to your sweet cravings. They are the ideal nutritious snack for your children to enjoy on any outings or at the park and a great snack for after your workout at the gym. You can enjoy them at home, at the office and benefit from their rich nutritious properties. Best of all you can enjoy them guiltless!
Enjoy these super nutritious bites in four flavours.

Celtics (CODE:SN76)

Crunchy sweet and savoury bites. Made from pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cranberries and rice crispies. They can accompany your drinks, cheese or fruit platters.

Bollen (CODE:SN75)

Crunchy bites with sesame seeds, peanuts, cranberries and pumpkin seeds. The perfect sweet and healthy snack to boost your energy and excite your taste buds.

Healthy Bites (CODE:SN78)

Healthy, nutritious bites made with sunflower seeds, black raisins, choco pops and orange. Enjoy these bites as a snack at the office, at school or at the gym.