Stuffed cookies

Stuffed cookies are a delicacy, a real treat for both young and old. At SPORA NATURALS we make sure this delicacy is delicious but not… sinful. Enjoy our range of stuffed cookies with many unique flavours and special combinations. Our cookies are of high nutritional value and are made from pure ingredients. They are no traces of trans fats or palm oil, and are high in fibre. We only use brown sugar, pure butter and the marmalades are made in Greece from Greek fruits and not from imported fruit pulp.

Sugar-free praline cookies (CODE:SN07)

Stuffed cookies made from flour without sugar, maltitol (sweetener derived from corn in the dough and stuffing), creamed cocoa and hazelnuts. You can have them with milk or coffee, but also as a snack. The praline will melt sweetly in your mouth, flooding it with flavours. They are sugar-free, so they are an ideal school snack for children.

Cookies with lemon cream and white chocolate (CODE:SN08)

Stuffed cookies made from flour, butter, sugar, pieces of white chocolate, lemon cream and milk. One is never enough because of their wonderful and addictive flavour. They will become your and your children’s favourite snack. It is also the ideal treat for your guests.

Cookies with tahini (CODE:SN10)

Cookies filled with tahini cream and sesame seeds. Enjoy the nutritional value of tahini and the sesame’s nutrients in a delicious and healthy all-day snack choice. An ideal snack for kids at school that will give them energy while protecting their health.

Butter Cookies (CODE:SN12)

Cookies made from butter. A classic all-time favourite flavour for anyone who still feels like a child. They are delicious, they melt in your mouth, they do not contain a lot of sugar and you can eat them everywhere and anytime; with your breakfast, as a snack, as a treat in the afternoon, or while watching an evening film.

Orange cream cookies (CODE:SN06)

Stuffed cookies made from flour, butter, sugar and orange cream. They melt in your mouth and take you on a journey of flavour. Your children can enjoy them as a snack in the park! They will love their aroma and flavour.

Cookies with ginger (CODE:SN13)

Cookies made from sour cherry juice, ginger and cinnamon. They have a rich taste, they are delicious and they can benefit your health because of the ginger which is a rich source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Perfect as a snack, they will fill you up and satisfy you. You can have them with all your beverages throughout the day and they are the perfect treat for your guests.

Cookies praline (CODE:SN09)

Stuffed cookies made with praline, butter and eggs. The delicious and tantalizing praline gives an explosion of flavour. You can have them with your breakfast, and when you need a snack to tame your hunger and uplift your mood. Your children can have them with their milk or take them to school as a snack.

Peanut butter Cookies (CODE:SN11)

Cookies stuffed with peanut butter cream, peanuts and peanut butter. They are an ideal supplement for your breakfast. These protein-rich, fibre-rich cookies will give you the energy you need throughout a tiring day and at the same time benefit your health. Our peanut butter is a strictly Greek product, made with the purest ingredients.