Cookies are very popular among adults and children alike and they are perfect with your milk or coffee. They are the perfect snack, the ideal treat. At SPORA NATURALS, we have cookies with many combinations of flavours. They are made from pure materials and are ideal for children as they are of high nutritional value. Enjoy our open cookies every moment of the day. They are healthy and rich in flavour.

Strawberry cookies (CODE:SN18)

Cookies stuffed with strawberry, butter and strawberry jam. Strawberries are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and flavonoids. Enjoy their delicious flavour. Ideal for children and students, but also for anyone with a profession requiring mental work, as the flavonoids found in strawberries enhance memory.

Forest fruit and cardamom cookies (CODE:SN15)

Cookies with forest fruit jam, strawberry, sour cherry, red raspberry, black and red currant, cinnamon and cardamom. They are an antioxidant “bomb” that will give you strength and boost your well-being. Forest fruits are low in calories and help you regenerate skin cells. Eating these cookies will leave you glowing.

Cookies with apple and cinnamon (CODE:SN14)

Cookies made from apple jam, cinnamon and cocoa. They melt in your mouth and take you on a journey of flavours while benefitting both your health and beauty. Take them with you everywhere and enjoy their rich taste. A perfect snack for your children to enjoy at school.

Pomegranate cookies (CODE:SN19)

Cookies stuffed with butter and pomegranate jam. Pomegranate doesn’t just bring luck to our lives. It is also beneficial for our health, especially for our heart and bones. Enjoy them with your breakfast and give yourself the boost you need throughout the day. Your children and guests will love them.

Plum Cookies (CODE:SN20)

Cookies filled with plum, whole meal flour, cocoa and plum jam. Enjoy their exquisite taste and the beneficial properties plums contain for digestive health. It is the perfect choice for those who are preoccupied with their figure. Ideal for the gym and when you go for a stroll. You can enjoy them with your beverages or snack on them while watching a film at home.

Cookies κάστανο (ΚΩΔ:SN16)

Μπισκότα φτιαγμένα με βούτυρο, κακάο και μαρμελάδα κάστανο που ανασύρει μνήμες και μυρωδιές βγαλμένες από τα παιδικά μας χρόνια. Το κάστανο παρέχει ενέργεια στον οργανισμό και πλούσιες φυτικές ίνες, ενώ επειδή προκαλεί κορεσμό ελαχιστοποιεί τις λιγούρες και γι’ αυτό αποτελεί το ιδανικό σνακ. Ο συνδυασμός του με το κακάο βελτιώνει την ψυχική διάθεση και τονώνει τον εγκέφαλο. Θα συντροφεύσει με τον καλύτερο τρόπο τα παιδιά σας στο διάβασμα.

Cookies με σύκο και μοσχοκάρυδο (ΚΩΔ:SN21)

Μπισκότα γεμιστά με σύκο, μοσχοκάρυδο, κανέλα, μαχλέπι και μαρμελάδα σύκο. Μια έκρηξη γεύσης και αρωμάτων που θα εκτοξεύσει την καλή σας διάθεση και θα ωφελήσει την υγεία σας. Το μοσχοκάρυδο τονώνει την κυκλοφορία του αίματος και το σύκο με τις πλούσιες φυτικές ίνες που περιέχει θα σας δημιουργήσει το αίσθημα του κορεσμού. Απολαύστε τα στο πρωινό σας ή καταναλώστε τα ως σνακ και θα διαπιστώσετε ότι δεν θα χρειαστείτε τίποτα άλλο.

Cookies with pear and ginger (CODE:SN17)

Cookies stuffed with ginger, honey, cinnamon, pear jam and cloves. These cookies are packed with all sorts of super foods. In addition to their tremendous health benefits, ginger and cinnamon help reduce appetite and thus control weight. Enjoy them with your beverages at the office or while studying.