Christmas is a holiday particularly tied with sweets compared to any other holiday of the year. The most traditional sweets are ‘Melomakarona’ or honey cookies and ‘Kourabiedes’ powdered sugar, butter cookies. At SPORA NATURALS you can find delicious, aromatic ‘Melomakorana’ and delicious, fluffy, buttery ‘Kourabiedes’. Our sweets are made of the finest quality ingredients and are unique in texture and flavour. They will fill your Christmas table with wonderful aromas, and will satisfy you and your family and be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Kourabiedes (Powdered sugar, butter cookies)

If you think that this Greek traditional Christmas cookie is only for the holiday season, the ‘Kourabiedes’ at SPORA NATURAL will change your mind and you’ll want them all year round. Our fluffy, buttery ‘Kourabiedes’, made with rose water and crunchy almonds, are made from the finest and purest ingredients and have a unique texture and flavour. They will be adored by the entire family, especially by children.

Melomakarona (Honey cookies)

By far the most aromatic and favourite cookie of the holiday season. Enjoy SPORA NATURALS aromatic ‘Melomakarona’ made from the purest ingredients and fill your home with the scent of honey, orange and walnut. They are soft, honey dipped and covered in walnuts. They melt in your mouth and fill your mouth with all of their flavours at once. You can’t tell the difference from the home-made ones. Your children will adore them and once your guests have a taste they’ll be asking you for the recipe!

Butter Cookies

Cookies made from butter. A classic all-time favourite flavour for anyone who still feels like a child. They are delicious, they melt in your mouth, they do not contain a lot of sugar and you can eat them everywhere and anytime; with your breakfast, as a snack, as a treat in the afternoon, or while watching an evening film.

Cookies with ginger

Cookies made from sour cherry juice, ginger and cinnamon. They have a rich taste, they are delicious and they can benefit your health because of the ginger which is a rich source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Perfect as a snack, they will fill you up and satisfy you. You can have them with all your beverages throughout the day and they are the perfect treat for your guests.