Our products Spora Naturals

Our products are handmade and produced daily without the use of pigments or preservatives.

Handmade sweet rolls in 24 different and innovative flavors that will take you on a visual and taste journey to something unique. Made with passion and love, with wonderful fillings of nut cream, hazelnut cream and almond cream, on a journey of flavors and colors!

Do you believe that vegans lack variety in their diet? You will change your mind with the wonderful flavours of Mr Vegan cookies, created with respect for our vegan customers’ food choices.

Enjoy the range of our stuffed cookies in many unique flavours and special combinations. Ideal and healthy pastry for young and old throughout the day.

Enjoy the rich taste of our cookies. Wonderful combinations and a wide variety to perfectly accompany your milk, coffee or tea.

Great oatmeal cookies in unique flavours. These cookies go perfectly with a glass of fresh milk, a cup of coffee or tea.

Cereal bars are a healthy snack that can replace a meal or supplement the healthy nutrients lost during exercise.

Granola is nutritious and healthy and it gives you energy throughout the day.
It goes perfectly with milk, yoghurt and other beverages.

Enjoy our mini Cookies series in several, unique flavours. A perfect and healthy sweet for young and old alike to enjoy any time of day.

This Christmas thank your loved ones with delicious, soft and aromatic ‘Melomakarona’ or crunchy, delicious, buttery ‘Kourabiedes’. All hand-made from the finest ingredients.

Do you love handmade bread sticks? Make your day more delicious with the delicious flavours we recommend. Ideal salty snack of high nutritional value for every hour.

A healthy, handmade, high protein content snack, in two all time classic flavors, without preservatives, without added sugar and palm oil free. Suitable not only for athletes, but anyone desires something healthy and delicious!

Healthy, handmade mini cereal bars for all hours of the day, in five unique flavors, without preservatives, without added sugar and without lactose.

sugar free proionta

Do you love sweets but are afraid of the calories?
Spora Naturals suggests the best choice for a quick snack in a variety of flavours for any time of the day.
Our products are sugar free, lactose free and do not contain palm oil or trans fats.
An ideal snack to enjoy guilt-free for young and old alike.

Benefit from the nutritional properties of oats. They are high in B-glycine, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Insoluble fibres cleanse the intestine, are capable of breaking down, joining and draining out harmful substances, such as fat molecules, sugars and toxins. Enjoy these cookies in four different flavours: cranberries, bitter chocolate, raisins and sugar-free praline. We use the finest and purest ingredients, oat bran, oat flakes, raisins, bitter chocolate, malitol praline and cranberries.

Crunchy and delicious cereal bites that you can enjoy with a drink, cheese or a fruit. The perfect, healthy snack is waiting for you to try it!