Biscuits for fasting

(no palm oil, trans fat free, very low sodium)

Anyone who claims that vegans lack variety in their diet, has not tried the SPORA NATURALS vegan cookies. With full respect for the philosophy, lifestyle and nutritional choices of our vegan customers, but also with our non-negotiable principle of “no flavour discount, no discount on health”, we created Mr Vegan cookies in five delicious flavours and with pure ingredients. Our jams are made exclusively in Greece from Greek fruits and not from imported fruit pulp.

Mr Vegan cookies with apple-Cinnamon Stuffing (Code: SN01)

Cookies made from flour, sunflower oil, orange juice, cinnamon, cocoa and apple jam. Enjoy them at work, at the gym, on any outing or when you are craving something sweet. Cinnamon and apple make an explosive combination of taste and healthy enjoyment.

Mr Vegan praline maltitol(CODE: SN159)

Maltitol chocolate cookies are a healthy, all-day snack that you can enjoy with your coffee and not only. Give it a try!

Mr Vegan orange stuffed cookies (CODE:SN03)

Cookies made from orange juice and orange jam. You can have them with your beverages. In addition to their rich taste, they contain the beneficial nutrients of citrus fruits, which are important for maintaining good health.

Mr Vegan cherry stuffed cookies (CODE:SN02)

Cookies made from orange juice, cinnamon, cloves and cherry jam. Enjoy the taste and benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties found in cherries which are the best shield against diabetes. The perfect snack for any time of day.

Mr Vegan strawberry (CODE:SN196)

Cookies made from orange juice and strawberry jam. Enjoy the taste and learn from the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries, which is the best shield against diabetes. The perfect snack for all hours of the day.

Μr Vegan cranberry (CODE:SN05)

Cookies made from cinnamon, cloves and cranberry jam. Enjoy their rich flavour and taste the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and clove. They are a source of vitamins thanks to all of the beneficial nutrients found in cranberries. The perfect snack when you feel tired and need a quick energy boost.

Mr Vegan Lemon (CODE:SN04)

Cookies made from lemon jam and orange juice. You can enjoy their excellent flavour and aroma with your breakfast. They contain vitamin C, which gives you the energy you need throughout the day, enhances concentration, helps you detoxify and makes skin shine.